Compare Florida Registered Agents

Compare Florida Registered Agents Price, Services, and Privacy.

Every business should carefully consider which registered agent is right for their business. Most business owners choose based on price alone, but there are many factors that should be considered.

We believe we offer the Florida registered agent service around, based on the idea that a registered agent should provide great service by go above and beyond, and charge a low, affordable price.

See our Florida registered agent comparison below.

Compare Florida Registered Agents Price

When you compare Florida registered agents, price is a major factor. Why? Because every registered agent is required to provide the same basic service. If you are comparing one agent that charges hundreds of dollars and another agent that charges only $75, you should ask yourself what are you getting for all that extra money?

Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC provides registered agent service at $35 a year. That’s a fair price. In fact, it’s low by industry standards. Many agents charge hundreds of dollars for the same service. Our price is based on what we pay in overhead and need to make a decent living. We don’t need to charge an arm and a leg for that.

Compare Florida Registered Agents Services

Additional services should be a key factor in any Florida registered agent comparison. Any agent service is only required to meet the legal minimum for services, and that’s all that many of our competitors will do.

We offer an array of other services, including: corporate filing, mail forwarding, incorporation, privacy and asset protection, deadline monitoring, and compliance tracking services. Our fees for these services are low. Why? Quite simply: we don’t believe in price gouging.

Compare Florida Registered Agents Privacy

If you’re concerned about maintaining the integrity of your personal information, keeping your name and address out of the public record, and thwarting identity theft, then you should know that your registered agent can help. This is a critical factor in any Florida registered agent comparison.

Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC offers the only totally anonymous Florida LLC. We understand the concerns of our clients seeking privacy protection. If you want to learn more about how to protect your identity in Florida, read our Florida Double LLC™ page. We offer a totally anonymous LLC that will keep your personal name and address entirely out of the public record. A traditional LLC can’t do that. Our Florida Double LLC is a unique strategy for total privacy in Florida.