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You can request a Free Credit Card Processing Consultation when you hire us to be your Florida registered agent or to form your business in Florida. When you sign up for either service, you’ll see a check box for this optional service on the order form. Simply check that box and complete your order. Our team of card payment industry specialists will then contact you by email to set up your free consultation.

How does this free consultation work? It starts with the in-house phone consultation, in which you talk to an expert, discuss how your business works and how you want to take payments, and learn about your payment processing options.

This consultation can then lead (if you wish) to our experts helping you sign up to accept card payments through a payment processor. This can get you low rates we negotiate on your behalf and ongoing access to our card payment industry specialists through all of your dealings with the payment processor.

It’s just one more reason Sunshine Corporate Filings® is the best Florida registered agent service around.

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Why Accept Credit Card Payments?

A big chunk of your customers will want to pay with some type of card (whether we’re talking credit cards, debit cards, EBT, or whatever). This is just part of doing business in the modern economy, and it’s true whether you run a brick-and-mortar store, a mobile business, or an online business.

Basically, unless you want to limit your business to an ever tinier clientele who only want to pay with cash, you’ve got to find a credit card processing solution for your business.

The trouble, though, is that you have to pay for the privilege to accept card payments, and the card payment industry is one of the most predatory industries around. It’s full of sales agents and payment processors that pad their bottom lines by excessively marking up your overall costs. And, it’s such unfamiliar terrain for most new entrepreneurs that it’s hard to even know what a good deal is.

This is where we enter the picture, and where we can help.

Why We Can Save You Money on Credit Card Processing

The card payment industry is a pretty weird place. It consists of banks that issue cards to consumers, banks that take on the financial risk for merchants who accept credit card payments, payment processors that facilitate the merchant’s side of the credit card payment processor, and a few giant card networks (like Visa and MasterCard) that tie everything together.

In the midst of all this confusion, there are individuals and businesses (like us) who work with the payment processors to sign businesses up to accept credit card payments. These actors play a crucial role because they can sign up merchants with a processor at negotiable rates, and so can charge you more or less depending on their goals.

Our goal is to charge you less, and here’s why:

Our company's survival doesn’t depend on marking up your costs with the payment processor.

Credit card processing is a side-gig for us—a game we got into solely to help our clients get credit card processing at cheaper rates.

Our company's survival depends on helping our clients maintain successful businesses year after year.

If you pay too much to accept card payments, you’ll likely be less successful. If you’re less successful, the chances that your business will fold increase. That’s all the incentive we need to keep your rates low.

Your success, in other words, is our success.

How We Negotiate Your Rates & Fees

When it comes to our credit card processing service, we’re basically a sales agent for payment processors. That means the processors we work with charge us “buy rates”—fees we pay to them when your business processes a particular type of card payment—and we decide how to mark up those buy rates to cover our costs and turn a profit.

Since our goal isn’t to make a bunch of money from credit card processing, we can add lower markups than much of our competition and keep your costs low.

When we charge just enough to keep our service going, we’re in a healthy place. That’s all there is to it.

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How Our Credit Card Processing Service Works

Our service starts with a phone consultation because that’s the best way (and the most human way) to gather the details we need to help you save on credit card processing. But there’s more to it than that.

Here’s how the process works, from start to finish, if you choose to sign up with a payment processor through us:

We’ll learn about your business.

We’ll start by gathering the basic information about your business that the processors need, including your current or estimated sales information (monthly sales, average ticket, and so on), and how you want to accept card payments—whether that’s in-store only, on the go, or online. This is what the initial phone consultation is for, but we might also send you a simple questionnaire to help speed up the process.

We’ll work up a rates package that helps you save.

Based on the way you do business, your sales information, and your processing needs, we’ll pair you with the right payment processor and work up a rates package designed to keep your costs low. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to decide if you want any optional add-on services that might increase your costs (such as next-day funding or any special equipment or software options)—whatever works for you.

We’ll help you complete and submit your application.

Our specialist’s role here is crucial. We can only help you get low rates if we sign you up with the payment processor ourselves, and there is a host of common mistakes many businesses make when they try to apply for credit card processing on their own.

The processor reviews your application.

At this point, the payment processor has to approve your application. The processor’s underwriting department will typically reach out to you directly for additional information—such as your financials—that we neither need nor want to know about. After reviewing these details, they will decide if they approve your application at the pricing we requested. If they approve, you’re good to go. If they don’t approve, they might submit a counter-offer, and we’ll get back together to discuss your options.

Once approved, you’ll sign your merchant agreement and get started.

Once the payment processor gives you the green light, you’ll close the deal by signing your merchant agreement. Then, we’ll help ensure that you receive the processing equipment or software your business needs to start taking payments.

We're here for the long haul.

We aren’t a “sign ‘em up and ship ‘em out” sort of business. The entire goal of our credit card processing service is to help your business save money and stay successful, and that means we’ll still be here to provide customer support when you need to deal with the payment processor, and we can even audit your monthly statements (checking for any hidden fees or errors) at your request.

Credit Card Processing FAQs

How will I know when to expect a call?

After you request your free consultation, our team will send you an email that lets you know when they’ll call. Since our credit card specialists are busy making calls to clients all day, this usually doesn’t include a definitive time—just a basic window for when to expect the call.

How long will my phone consultation last?

The time each initial phone consultation takes can vary, but between 15 and 30 minutes is typical.

What will I be asked about during the phone consultation?

During your initial phone consultation, you’ll be asked to provide basic information about your business (such as your business type, your business name and phone number, and your website URL if applicable), and you’ll need to provide information about your current or estimated sales. To properly set your rates, our team will need to know about your likely monthly sales, your average ticket, and other basic details about how you’ll do business (whether in-person or online, for instance, and whether you’re running a seasonal business or not).

If you have trouble answering some of these questions, don’t worry. You’ll be talking to a seasoned specialist, after all, who is more than capable of providing the guidance you need.

Can I get a free consultation if you aren’t my Florida registered agent?

No. Our credit card processing consultation service is designed to benefit our Florida clients. We would have to charge for the service otherwise, and we don’t want to do that. In fact, we aren’t even interested in being part of the card payment industry except as a tool for helping our clients save money.

So, to request your free consultation, you need to first sign up for our $35 a year Florida registered agent service. Note that our registered agent service is included when you hire us to form your Florida LLC or Florida corporation—so anyone who signs up for either one of our incorporation services can request a free credit card processing consultation.

What types of credit card processing fees will I pay?

There are three main types of fees that play a role in credit card processing:

  1. Interchange fees set by the credit card networks (Visa, etc.), but which are paid to your customers’ card issuing banks.
  2. Card network assessments paid to the card networks themselves.
  3. Fees paid to your payment processor, including any rate markups and costs associated with specific services the payment processor provides.

Of these fees, only those added on by the payment processor are negotiable, which is why finding the right processor (and the right person to set your rates and sign you up) is so important.

Of course, you’ll also pay costs associated with any equipment or software you use to process payments (such as a hosted payment gateway for online transactions). Our card payment specialist will help you navigate the full range of fees you can expect depending on the types of services you need.

Will you be my payment processor?

No. Your payment processor is the company that will actually process your transactions and provide any related card payment services.

Our role is different. We can sign clients up with a payment processor, negotiate their rates to keep their costs low, and provide ongoing customer support for the long haul.

Can’t I just deal directly with a payment processor?

You can. Just about every payment processor maintains its own in-house sales force (apart from people and companies like us that bring people to them), so you can certainly contact a payment processor directly and sign up that way.

Just keep in mind that your overall costs still depend on the person who signs you up, whether that sales agent works for the processor or works with the processor (as we do). If that person’s goal is to make more, they’ll charge you more. If they’re goal is to make less and save you money, they’ll charge you less.

What other services do you provide?

We’re primarily a Florida registered agent and business formation service, which means we can serve as your Florida registered agent, help you form a Florida LLC, and help you form a Florida corporation (not to mention registering out-of-state companies to do business in Florida!).

Plus, we can help you form a Florida Double LLC—a unique offering for entrepreneurs who value business privacy—and we offer an array of Florida mail forwarding services as well.