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Almost every one of our clients asks about how to protect their privacy in Florida.

Public Record

Can you keep your name and address out of the public record?


How do you form an anonymous Florida company?

Identity Protection

Is it possible to protect your identity in Florida?

The answer to these questions is: Yes, you can. But to protect your privacy in Florida you will need to properly plan how you intend to form your business. Without a proper plan for business privacy, your name and address will end up in the public record, where it can be found by anyone willing to do a simple online search.

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Identity theft is a real threat for every business owner, and the damage that can be done to your personal life and business reputation is significant. We take our privacy seriously, and we take yours seriously too.

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The Florida Public Records Act

Florida enacted the Florida Public Records Act into state law in 1909. It allows the public to access all documents that have been filed with a government agency. That means that any document filed with the Department of State will end up in their record system, which can then be accessed either in person or online. A simple business entity search will pull up all of the documents you have filed. Those documents include your name, address and other business information.

LLC or Corporation?

The first step in your plan is to understand two things: a corporation is never private in Florida; and the information in a traditional Florida LLC is entered into the public record.

Both of these points are important. If you have already filed to incorporate in Florida, or if you have already registered a traditional Florida LLC, the damage has been done. There is no way around listing your private information over the course of the life of your corporation, and you cannot make your Florida LLC anonymous after the fact.

You Need a Florida Registered Agent

Part of your business privacy strategy must include a Florida registered agent. A professional registered agent can help protect your privacy in Florida and can work to maintain your privacy and keep you in good standing with the state. The simple truth is that if you act as your own registered agent, you cannot keep your private information out of the public record. You need an intermediary between you and the Department of State. You can only protect your privacy with a Florida registered agent.

If you already have a registered agent in FL, did they offer you a strategy to protect your identity in Florida? If they didn’t, you may want to consider changing registered agents and starting over.