Anonymous Florida LLC

Is it possible to transform a traditional LLC into an anonymous LLC?

It is not possible to transform a traditional LLC into an anonymous Florida LLC.

Many of our clients have already started a Florida company, only to discover that their information is part of the public record and they have not formed a private Florida LLC at all. What can be done?

Unfortunately, if you’ve already formed your company, then your documents are now publicly available. The Florida Public Records Act makes those documents available to anyone who asks for them. A Florida public records search will pull up those documents (and your private information) in no time.

Those records will remain in the public record. There is no way to have them removed.

If you are interested in how to form an anonymous Florida LLC, you should read our page on our Florida Double LLC™ strategy for creating a totally private Florida LLC that will keep your name and address private. We offer real privacy in Florida. The Florida Double LLC™ keeps you safe from random business name searches and closes off easy routes for identity theft.

Protect your identity with our anonymous Florida LLC package.

Can You Help Me Form a Private Florida LLC?

Yes. If you already own a Florida company, we can help you dissolve it and start again, this time with a definite plan for privacy in Florida business. You can change your Florida registered agent, and then we will work with you to implement a truly anonymous business plan.