How Your LLC Info Becomes Public

We get calls all the time with people asking: is my Florida LLC private?

To form a Florida LLC you must file Articles of Organization, which require a principal office address. Every year you must file an annual report, which lists a member name (yours, if you’re the sole owner). In Florida, all business documents filed with a government are part of the public record and are available through a business name search or a Florida public records search.

That’s right. Your private information is available to the public.

How the Florida Public Records Act Works

The Florida Public Records Act requires all government agencies to make public any document filed with their office. This includes municipal, county and state agencies.

To form a Florida business, you must file documents with the Florida Department of State. Those documents are available on the DOS website, where anyone can do a business name search and find the documents you filed. Anyone can visit the DOS office and request copies of your business formation documents, annual reports, and any other document you have filed.

The Florida Public Records Act makes your name and address public by allowing anyone access to your business documents. It is illegal for any government agency to deny access to your documents.

LLC Privacy FAQs

Why Is My Name and Address in the Public Record?

Your name and address is in the Florida public record because when you form a traditional Florida LLC you will be asked to list:

  • Your principial office on your Articles of Organization
  • A member name (you) on your annual report

Clients ask us every day: is my Florida LLC anonymous? No, not if you’ve set it up yourself the traditional way. Is my Florida LLC private? No, unless you have taken steps to make it that way.

With our Florida privacy strategy, we can supply our address as your principal office address, and we can keep your name off the annual reports.

Who Can Do a Public Records Search in Florida?

Anyone. Your name and address will be easily viewable by anyone who asks. There is no limitation, and people requesting your information do not have to have a reason beyond their general curiosity. There is nothing protecting your privacy in Florida.

A Florida public records search is not for legal authorities only. A Florida public records search is not for restricted to courts, lawyers or judges. A Florida public records search can be performed by anyone.

What Does an FL Business Name Search Reveal?

A Florida business name search will reveal all the documents you have filed with the Florida Department of State. With a traditional LLC, those documents will be the formation documents and the annual reports. Thanks to Florida law, your name and address are made public by allowing anyone to access these documents. Unfortunately, the long and the short of it is there’s no privacy in Florida.

Can My Info Be Removed from the Public Record?

No. Once your documents are filed, they are there for good. The Public Records Act ensures that they can always be accessed. Your name and address are in the public record in Florida and anyone can find them. You do not have real privacy in Florida with the traditional route.

What you can do is plan and form an anonymous Florida LLC. You will need a Florida registered agent, and if hire us right from the start, we can plan for true privacy in Florida and keep your name and address out of the public record.

We offer the Florida Double LLC™ for complete privacy in Florida. We can form an anonymous Florida company for you. Check out the Florida Double LLC™ page for more information.

Can I Make My LLC Anonymous After Formation?

Sorry, but no. You can’t.

If you want to keep your name out of the public record, you should dissolve your company and start again. This is the only legitimate option that will offer you real privacy in Florida.

We can form an anonymous Florida company from the very start and handle every filing for you, keeping your name and address out of the public record entirely.