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There are dozens of options when choosing a Florida registered agent for your corporation or LLC. But no registered agent offers the professional, digitally-optimized service we do.

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We're More Than Just Florida Registered Agents:

  • Free Florida mail forwarding available
  • Use our Business Address
  • We remind you of all upcoming Florida compliance filing dates
  • We scan your mail to you and store in your online account
  • Your online account with every Florida business document you’ll ever need
  • Affordable business filing services if needed
  • Real Florida resident agent experts available to assist you every day
  • We’re not a  virtual office. Many websites you’ll hire will put you in a virtual office address. We own our building!
  • Commercial Florida Registered Office location, not a residential home

At Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® we think hiring a Florida registered agent is an opportunity: we make starting and maintaining a business in Florida easier—no matter where you live—without having you waste a lot of money. For $35 a year, we provide an elite registered agent service equipped with digital notifications, online tools and address security.


We offer the fastest, most inclusive Florida registered agent service in our industry.


  • Our Fee: $35 Per Year TOTAL
  • How Long It Takes to Sign Up: 5 Minutes
  • Domestic LLCs and Corporations Formed Online Instantly

Why Hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® ?

As a commercial Florida registered agent dedicated to providing an elite service, Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® is able to provide our clients with a wide array of advantages and unique offerings. Specifically, our Florida registered agent service is 100% geared towards privacy for domestic clients and usability for international clients trying to establish their company here in Florida. Take a look at all the ways you can use our address when you hire us for registered agent service:

Mailing Address

We include a free limited mail forwarding package (5 non-state-related pieces of mail a year) with our Florida registered agent service. That means you can list our address as your mailing address for your Florida company. When we receive a piece of mail for your company, we open and scan it to your online account. Most registered agents in Florida can’t offer this service because they don’t own their own building. Fortunately, we do!

Principle Address

Most registered agents require additional fees if you’re going to list their address on your company’s formation documents. We see this as a vital piece of registered agent service. We list our address automatically, free of charge, to help limit the exposure of your personal information.

Registered Office

A registered agent’s office is required to be listed on formation documents whenever you start a corporation or LLC in Florida. What’s unique about our address is that we own our registered office. Even most national registered agents either whitelabel their services or use a virtual office. Not us. We’re here for the long haul.

Business Address

Most businesses change locations multiple times over the years. If you act as your own registered agent, these changes will require that you file costly updates with the Secretary of State every time. By hiring us as your commercial Florida registered agent, your business address will stay the same as long as we’re your agent, providing both stability and credibility.

What is a Florida Registered Agent?

A Florida Registered Agent is a designated person or company that provides the important legal duty of accepting mail, legal documents and other service of process on your behalf.

It’s important that you select a Florida registered agent that takes their appointment as seriously as you take your own business operations. That’s why at Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®  we go out of our way to define excellent Florida registered agent services, all for one yearly price that never goes up.

Florida Registered Agent: $35 TOTAL

Florida Annual Reports & Compliance

As your Florida registered agent service, it is not just service of process and legal correspondence that we receive on your behalf. We also receive annual report notifications and tax notices from the Florida Division of Corporations. We carefully track these compliance requirements, informing you of upcoming deadlines.

A Florida corporation or LLC that fails to file an annual report or pay its taxes can be administratively dissolved by the state. As your Florida registered agent, we help ensure you never lose your good standing with the state.

We Are Business Privacy Specialists

A lot of entrepreneurs are unaware that when they form a Florida corporation or start a Florida LLC, their personal information ends up in the public record. Your name and address can be easily accessed not only for official reasons, but by unscrupulous marketers, mailing list compilers, spammers and other individuals up to no good.

Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®  is a business privacy expert. As your Florida registered agent, we can list our own information on your formation documents, limiting your exposure. We can guide you through our private LLC option, which will keep all of your personal information entirely out of the public record.

Stay Private: Florida Double LLC™

We offer a completely anonymous, totally private business structure. Your name or address will not appear on any public document. Tracing the ownership of your company will only be possible through a court order. This is not possible with a Florida corporation, but it is through our special Double LLC™ package.

Want to learn more about privacy in Florida? Check out our Business Privacy page.

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Florida Registered Agent FAQs

Do I Have to Have a Florida Registered Agent?

In short, Yes.

In long, you absolutely better as outlined in §605.0113 and §607.0501 of the Florida Legislature for LLCs and Corporations, respectively. Having a registered agent that physically resides in Florida is a legal necessity, and a duty that Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®  takes with all the pride and seriousness that should accompany a vital legal duty.

What Are the Requirements for a Florida Registered Agent?

According to Florida State Legislature, a Florida registered agent is legally required to maintain a physical street address in Florida, known as a registered office. This means they should keep regular office hours, ensuring availability to accept service of process, legal notifications, and official state correspondence on your behalf.

Can I Be My Own Florida Registered Agent?

You may serve as your own registered agent, but there are significant drawbacks to doing so. You will need to meet all the legal requirements, such as maintaining a physical office location in the state, keeping regular business hours (no non-government holidays), and entering your own information into the public record. Most businesses feel more comfortable hiring a commercial company to maintain their compliance.

What If I Am Not A US Citizen?

No Biggie! Florida’s economy is heavily bolstered by non-us residents expanding their business into the United States, especially ones from South America. That’s why Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®  has gathered tons of resources for entrepreneurs that are non-US Citizens. We provide our non-US clients with:

  • Resources regarding how to best start a Florida Company as a non-citizen
  • Getting you an EIN, without a Social Security number
  • Quick and easy apostille service
  • A real Florida Address for process of service and mail forwarding
Do You Offer Mail Forwarding Services?

Absolutely, and unlike other Florida registered agent services we don’t nickle and dime you for it. The $35 per year we charge includes it. We scan your mail as we get it into your online account.

How Do I Change My Florida Registered Agent to Your Service?

Easy. All you need to do is sign up for our service. We can take care of the rest. We’ll be listed as your new Florida Registered Agent Service and Florida Registered Office in about 2 days.