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We’re not just affordable. We own our own building in St. Petersburg and provide our clients FREE use of our professional business address, free mail forwarding, and same-day service.

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Florida Registered Agent Service


Why only $35 a year? Because we at Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® know something our competitors don’t want you to know: a well-managed local Florida registered agent service with an expert staff, efficient software, and reliable processes in place doesn’t need to charge you an arm and a leg to get the job done right.

$35 a Year—That's It!
  • Only $35 a year
  • Fast & simple sign-up process
  • Free use of our Florida business address on your state filings
  • Business domain, website, email, SSL and phone service options
  • Free mail forwarding (up to 3 pieces of non-state mail per year!)
  • Secure client account with every Florida business document you’ll ever need
  • And the ongoing guidance of our Florida registered agent and business formation experts—available to assist you every day

What Is a Florida Registered Agent?

When you form a Florida LLC or start a Florida corporation, you are required to appoint a Florida registered agent to receive service of process, legal notifications, and other official state documents for your business. You can appoint an individual Florida resident to be your Florida registered agent (including yourself), or you can hire a commercial registered agent service to do it for you. Either way, your Florida registered agent must:

    • maintain a physical address in Florida (not a PO Box or Florida virtual address);
    • be available at that Florida address during normal business hours; and
    • promptly forward any significant legal or state documents to your business.

At Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®, we provide the fastest, most inclusive commercial registered agent service in Florida for $35 a year.

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Get a Business Address in Florida

A professional business address in Florida benefits your company by helping you protect your privacy and establish a professional business presence on publicly available state filings. And since we work out of the office building we own in St. Petersburg, we can offer more than our competitors at a lower price. That includes free mail forwarding and same-day service on top of free use of our commercial building address on your public filings.

Local Florida registered agent

It’s like we said: we can offer these services because we own the building that houses our Florida mail forwarding center. There’s no middle-man between you and our local experts trained to handle your mail professionally and securely. Hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® to be your Florida registered agent for $35 a year and use our Florida business address for free!

Learn Why Your Business Address Matters

Instant Florida Business Presence

When hiring a company to do something as important as forming your business or serving as your registered agent, choose a company that can do it allincluding getting your business online and connected to clients fast. Free domain for a year, free website, email, SSL and phone service for 90 days.

  • Your own business website domain with a business email at that domain.
  • Your own website that you control on an open-source platform. Your data is not sold.
  • Your choice of a Florida business phone number to help keep your personal life and business affairs separate. Download our iOS or Android app, or simply use your internet connection on a desktop or laptop and have a direct business line in minutes.

Get it all at the same time you sign up for our registered agent or business formation service at no additional upfront cost.

Free Mail Forwarding for Your Florida Business

We know that receiving your mail at an in-state address is a major concern for LLCs and corporations operating inside and outside Florida, which is why we offer three Florida mail forwarding service options to suit your needs:

    • our free limited mail forwarding option is already part of our $35 Florida registered agent service, and it includes forwarding up to 3 pieces of non-state mail per year for free;
    • our Deluxe Florida mail forwarding package, which includes 10 more non-state mail scans for $49 a year; and
    • our Premium Florida mail forwarding package, which includes 25 more mail scans for $99 a year.

Included with each of the above packages is a free 90-day trial of Florida Phone Service. This is a secure, private VoIP phone line that you can use to call, text, and check your voicemail from your computer or mobile device. (Not sure if you need a secondary phone line for your business? Try it out for 60 days with no obligation, and cancel anytime).

Our paid Deluxe and Premium Florida mail forwarding packages also include with a unique suite number for your business, and you can even upgrade to our Florida virtual office service for only $19 a month to get:

Florida Phone Service

a unique suite number

an office lease

unlimited opened and scanned mail

the ability to reserve a private & secure office space

With all of our Florida mail forwarding service and Florida virtual office options, you can use our address, and we’ll scan and upload your mail to your client account on the day it arrives!

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Benefits of an LLC in Florida

Key benefits of starting an LLC in Florida include:

Cheap annual maintenance

No state income taxes

No capital gains taxes or death taxes

Low property taxes

Fewer formalities than a Florida corporation

That’s not to mention the personal asset protection and management flexibility you get when you register your Florida business as an LLC. Check out our Florida LLC page to learn more!

Start a Florida LLC – $195 Total

Benefits of Starting a Corporation in Florida

Whether you’re looking to form an LLC or start a corporation in Florida, Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® has you covered. Some business owners opt for incorporating in Florida because it combines the best of Florida’s low corporate tax rates with the benefits that come with corporations (namely, attracting investors and the promise of scalability). Learn about the benefits of starting Florida corporation today!

Incorporate in Florida – $140 Total

Why Hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® ?

There are dozens of Florida registered agent services out there to choose from, but no other Florida registered agent has the experience, technology, and infrastructure to match the services offered by Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®. For $35 a year, we provide a premium registered agent service equipped with digital notifications, online tools and address security. And whether you’re a domestic or international client, we designed our services with you in mind.

Just take a look at all the ways you can use our Florida business address on your state filings when you hire us as your Florida registered agent service:

Mailing Address

You can list our address as the mailing address for your Florida business on your state filings. We include a free limited mail forwarding option when you sign up for our $35 Florida registered agent service.
*Note: this free address is only for privacy purposes when filing public documents. For a unique address you can use for all your business needs, check out our mail forwarding services.

Principal Address

It isn’t rare for registered agents and registered agent services to charge extra fees for you to list their address on your company’s formation document, but with Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® this service is free. Why? Because we see using our Florida address as an essential part of our registered agent service. We list our address automatically to help keep your personal information private and secure.

Registered Office

You’re required to list the address of your registered agent’s office on your formation documents when you start a Florida corporation or form an LLC in Florida. Unfortunately, many national registered agent services white-label this service instead of letting you use their address (meaning they farm the service out to someone else). Not us. We own our building and registered office in Florida, which means we’re here for the long haul.

Business Address

As time passes, most businesses change locations—a truism that can lead to costly updates with the Florida Division of Corporations if you serve as your own Florida registered agent. By hiring Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®, your company can have a stable, credible business address in Florida no matter how often your business moves.

How Does a Florida Registered Agent Service Work?

As your Florida registered agent, we receive service of process, legal notifications, and other official state mail for your business at our registered office in Florida. Then we forward those documents to you—either digitally by uploading them to your client account or physically through the mail (depending on the option you choose).

That probably seems like a pretty simple job—until you consider what it really means. Your Florida registered agent receives and handles the most significant legal documents your Florida business will ever receive. That’s why it’s so important to choose a Florida registered agent who takes their appointment as seriously as you take your business.

We’re Floridians, and we know the Florida business world. Our years of experience dealing with the Florida Division of Corporations and making filings for our clients means you can relax knowing that if your business ever gets sued, you’ll have a Florida registered agent with the tools and the know-how to get your important documents to you in the shortest possible time.

When we receive legal notifications and other official documents for your Florida business, we scan and upload those documents immediately to your online account and notify you right away—and we won’t stop notifying you until we’re sure you’ve received them.

How Do I Change My Florida Registered Agent?

If you are currently serving as your business’s Florida registered agent, or if you already hired a different Florida registered agent service, you can still make the switch to Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®.

Just click the “Hire Us” button below and sign up for our Florida registered agent service. The Florida Division of Corporations will list us as your new Florida registered agent and Florida registered office in around 2 business days. It’s that easy!

Hire Us for $35

How Do I Form a Business in Florida?

Florida is one of the most business-friendly states in the U.S., which means the filing process for domestic LLCs and corporations is generally pretty simple.

To start a Florida LLC, you must file Articles of Organization with the Florida Division of Corporations. There is a $125 state filing fee, and you can file your Florida Articles of Organization online or by mail.

To form a Florida corporation, you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Florida Division of Corporations and pay a $70 state filing fee. As with the Florida LLC, you can file your Florida Articles of Incorporation online or by mail.

For both domestic Florida LLCs and corporations, it currently takes about 8 business days for the state to process online filings, and it can take several days more for mailed filings.

Can Sunshine Corporate Filings Form My Florida Business?

Yes! Our incorporation service fee is only $35 plus state fees for domestic Florida LLCs and corporations, and when you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® to start your Florida business, we will also act as your Florida registered agent for an additional $35 a year. This gets your Florida business all of the perks of our Florida registered agent service described above—and we’ll also complete, sign, and submit your articles ourselves.

Altogether, that’s $195 TOTAL to form your Florida LLC or $140 TOTAL to form your Florida corporation.

Do I Really Need a Business Formation Service?

You can definitely start your Florida business on your own, but we don’t recommend it. A lot of entrepreneurs are unaware that when they form a Florida corporation or start a Florida LLC, loads of their personal information can end up in the public record. Your name and address can easily be accessed by unscrupulous marketers, mailing list compilers, spammers and other individuals up to no good.

We’re Florida business privacy experts, and as your Florida registered agent, we will list as much of our own information on your company’s formation documents as the state allows, limiting your exposure. We can also guide you through our unique private LLC option—called theFlorida Double LLC™—which will keep your personal information entirely off the public record.

Stay Private: Florida Double LLC™

Signing up for our Florida registered agent service will go a long way toward protecting your business privacy, but we can do far more than simply serve as your Florida registered agent or help you form a traditional business in Florida.

Through our Florida Double LLC™ package, we offer a way to protect your privacy even further. Your name and address will not appear on any public document. Tracing the ownership of your company will only be possible through a court order. This is not possible with a Florida corporation, but it is possible through our special Florida Double LLC™.

Florida Annual Reports & Renewal Service

What is the Florida annual report?

The Florida annual report is a report you’ll file by May 1st each year to keep your company’s information up to date on the state’s records. The Florida annual report filing fee is $138.75 for Florida LLCs and $150 for Florida corporations.

Can Sunshine Corporate Filings file my Florida annual report?

You bet! As your Florida registered agent service, we receive more than just service of process and legal correspondence on your behalf. We also receive Florida annual report notifications for your business from the Florida Division of Corporations.

We carefully track these annual requirements and will automatically inform you of any upcoming deadlines, but we also offer our Florida annual report renewal service for $100 a year. Hiring Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® to file your Florida annual reports will help ensure your business never falls out of good standing with the state.

Florida Registered Agent FAQs

Do I Have to Appoint a Florida Registered Agent?

Yes. Florida requires LLCs and corporations to appoint a registered agent with a physical address in Florida. See sections §605.0113 and §607.0501 of the Florida state statutes for details.

What Are the Requirements for a Florida Registered Agent?

A Florida registered agent must keep regular office hours and be available to receive service of process and other official state documents at a physical address in Florida (called a “registered office”).

Can I Be My Own Florida Registered Agent?

Florida allows individuals to serve as Florida registered agents, which means you can do the job yourself, but that’s a decision that comes with a lot of drawbacks. Apart from needing to be available during normal business hours (no non-government holidays!), a registered agent’s information will also appear on the public record. Most businesses are more comfortable hiring a commercial company instead.

What If I Am Not A US Citizen?

Non-US residents are a big part of Florida’s economy, especially when it comes to South American entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses to the United States. At Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®, we provide our international clients with:

  • Resources on how to do business in Florida as a non-US citizen
  • Help getting an EIN without a Social Security number
  • Our quick and easy apostille service
  • A real Florida address for process of service and mail forwarding