Florida Registered Agent

A Florida registered agent accepts service of process and legal correspondence on behalf of a business entity.

But by choosing Sunshine Corporate Filings as your registered agent, we include free mail forwarding, free mail scanning, and provide you a free address to use for your Florida business. We own and operate our building, so we can provide all registered agent clients either a full service lease, a virtual office address, or simply hire us to start your LLC, corporation, or Florida business and utilize our Florida registered agent service, and we’ll forward and scan your mail for free.

Why pay more to a a national company to be an order number, when you can hire Sunshine Corporate Filings to provide you an actual solution to starting and maintaining your business in Florida?

All LLCs and corporations in Florida are required to appoint a Florida registered agent as part of the formation process with the Division of Corporations. When your business is sued, a notice is issued by a court and sent to your registered agent, who then accepts the notice on your behalf and forwards the document to you in a timely manner. By hiring a local Florida registered agent service like Sunshine, you get the fastest delivery of your documents. We scan everything to you the same day it comes to our office. Your document comes to your business at our office, and scanned directly to you, versus a national website getting routed 4 times before you get it. Sunshine Corporate Filings offers the fastest registered agent service in Florida.

FL Registered Agent: $99 Per Year

There are dozens of options when choosing a Florida registered agent service for your corporation or LLC. Not every registered agent offers the same dependable, professional service.

Our Guarantee:

  • A Single Low Price: $99 a Year
  • Greater Privacy: We Keep Your Name & Address Off the Public Record
  • Local Registered Office: Local Filers With Real Relationship With FL SOS
  • Reliable Document Delivery: We Scan Documents the Day They Arrive
  • Secure Online Account: Access Anytime, Anywhere
  • Filing Expertise: We Understand the Florida Division of Corporations


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Keep your personal information out of the public record.

Honest Price

No hidden fees, upsells, per-item charges, etc. One single price: $99.

Why Hire a Florida Registered Agent Service?

As a commercial Florida registered agent service, we are able to provide clients like you with a number of advantages.

  • We Can Keep Your Personal Information Private
    Many of our clients are concerned with business privacy. Having your information in the public record leaves you open to all kinds of unwanted attention from marketers and frivolous lawsuits. With a commercial registered agent, we can form your Florida LLC and keep your information secure.
  • We Have a Legitimate Commercial Office
    Our commercial Florida registered office is open throughout the year during regular business hours. We always have staff members present to ensure that service of process and legal correspondence is accepted in a timely manner.
  • We Protect Your Business Reputation
    You can serve as your own registered agent in Florida, but if you do so then service of process and other legal documents will be served to you in front of your customers, a potentially embarrassing scenario. When you hire us, we accept legal notices for you at our office.
  • We Spare You Additional Public Filings
    Most businesses change locations multiple times over the years. If you act as your own registered agent, these changes will require that you file costly updates with the Secretary of State every time. By hiring a commercial agent like us, this information never needs to be updated, saving you hard-earned money.

Florida Registered Agent Requirements:

According to the State Statutes, as your Florida registered agent service, we are legally required to maintain a physical street address in Florida. This is called a registered office. We keep regular office hours, ensuring that we are available to accept service of process, legal notifications, and official state correspondence on your behalf.

When your documents arrive at our registered office, we upload them immediately into your digital account. We contact you and inform you that new documents are available.

Florida Annual Reports & Compliance

As your Florida registered agent service, it is not just service of process and legal correspondence that we receive on your behalf. We also receive annual report notifications and tax notices from the Florida Division of Corporations. We carefully track these compliance requirements, informing you of upcoming deadlines.

A Florida corporation or LLC that fails to file an annual report or pay its taxes can be administratively dissolved by the state. As your Florida registered agent, we help ensure you never lose your good standing with the state.

We Are Business Privacy Specialists

Many entrepreneurs are unaware that when they form a Florida corporation or start a Florida LLC, their personal information ends up in the public record. Your name and address can be easily accessed not only for official reasons, but by unscrupulous marketers, mailing list compilers, spammers and other individuals up to no good.

Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC is a business privacy expert. As your Florida registered agent, we can list our own information on your formation documents, limiting your exposure. We can guide you through our private LLC option, which will keep all of your personal information entirely out of the public record.

Stay Private: Florida Double LLC™

We offer a completely anonymous, totally private business structure. Your name or address will not appear on any public document. Tracing the ownership of your company will only be possible through a court order. This is not possible with a Florida corporation, but it is through our special Double LLC™ package.

Want to learn more about privacy in Florida? Check out our Business Privacy page.

Florida Registered Agent FAQs

What If I Don’t Hire a Florida Registered Agent?

The Florida Business Corporation Act 607.0501 states specifically that each entity in Florida must “have and continuously maintain” a registered agent within the state. You cannot form a business entity without one, and failure to maintain an agent is a violation of the law.

If you don’t have an agent, your company can face penalties enforced by the Division of Corporations, your business authority can be revoked, and your company will be unable to maintain any action in a state court.

What If My Florida Registered Agent Resigns?

If your Florida registered agent resigns, you have 31 days in which to appoint a new registered agent. After 31 days, you are in violation of Florida Statute 607.0502 and your company is subject to penalty.

Can I Be My Own Florida Registered Agent?

You may serve as your own registered agent, but there are significant drawbacks to doing so. You will need to meet all the legal requirements, such as maintaining a physical office location in the state, keeping regular business hours (no non-government holidays), and entering your own information into the public record. Most businesses feel more comfortable hiring a commercial company to maintain their compliance.

Can I Appoint a Florida Registered Agent Without Consent?

No. But why would you want to? Your Florida registered agent works on behalf of your company. If you appoint an agent without consent, any legal documents sent to that agent will not be accepted, as the agent will not consider you a client.

Florida Registered Agent for $99