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What Is a Florida Business Address?

A Florida business address is the official address of your Florida LLC or corporation. Your business address could be the address of your storefront, your office, or even your home. But in any case, the address you list will appear as the principal address on your formation documents and annual reports. And when you file with the state, your principal address becomes part of the public record.

That’s why Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® offers FREE use of our permanent Florida business address to our registered agent and mail forwarding clients.

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Choosing the Right Florida Business Address

Every document your business files with the Florida Division of Corporations, including your formation documents and annual reports, is freely available at Florida’s Sunbiz website. This is because the Florida Public Records Act requires every state agency in Florida to provide public access to every document filed with the state.

A simple Florida business records search will pull up all of the documents you have on file. Those documents include your name, business address, registered agent information, and other business information. And once this information is there, it stays there—even if you decide to change your business address down the road.

This is one reason why using our Florida business address can be so beneficial. It helps protect your personal information and privacy, but it can also provide a stable address that will stay the same no matter how often your business changes locations.

You can learn more about maintaining your privacy at our page on Business Privacy.

How You Can Use Our Florida Business Address

Whether you intend to form a Florida LLC, incorporate in Florida, or simply hire Sunshine Corporate Filings to be your Florida registered agent, you will need to have a physical address to list on your public filings. You can use our Florida building address in place of your own.

Below, you’ll discover all the ways you can use our permanent building address in Florida. Simply scroll down, investigate each package, and select the option that fits your business’s needs.

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Florida Business Address + LLC Formation & Free Mail Forwarding ($195 Total)

This option is free when you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings to form your LLC in Florida. It includes the use of our Florida business address as your business’s “principal office address” and up to 3 pieces of non-state mail per year at no charge. When we receive your mail at our St. Petersburg office building, we’ll promptly scan it and upload a digital copy to your secure online account.

Importantly, your business’s official documents—those documents we receive on your behalf as your Florida registered agent—don’t count toward this limit of 3 mail scans per year. And you’ll get the same account access and the guidance of our highly-trained support staff that we reserve for all our clients.

Even though this is the cheapest mail forwarding package we offer, it packs a punch, and it’s perfect for Florida LLCs that want address security and don’t expect to receive a lot of non-state mail each year. This package also includes a free 90-day trial of our state-of-the-art Florida Phone Service, which gives you a secondary phone line for your business (and an easy way to protect your personal number).

If you expect to receive more mail, or if you need an address with a unique suite number, you might choose the deluxe or premium Florida mail forwarding options described below.

Start Your Florida LLC

Florida Business Address + Deluxe Mail Forwarding ($49 / year)

Our $49 / year Deluxe Mail Forwarding package includes a Florida business address with a unique suite number and up to 10 mail scans per year (that’s on top of the 3 free scans you get if you also sign up for our registered agent service!). This package is a great choice for a growing business that isn’t quite to the point of needing unlimited mail scans, but which needs more mail coverage than the free option described above. Like the package above, our Deluxe mail forwarding option also includes a free 90-day trial of our Florida Phone Service, which is a fully-functional virtual phone line for your business.

Importantly, you’ll get a unique suite number as part of this package. That means you can use this address on your website, stationary, and website—whatever your business needs. As with all of our mail forwarding packages, this package’s 10 scan limit doesn’t apply to legal notices and official state mail. The limit only applies to the ordinary mail your business receives at our location.

Order Deluxe Mail Forwarding

Florida Business Address + Premium Mail Forwarding ($99 / year)

Our $99 / year Premium Mail Forwarding Service is the full-steam-ahead package that can cover your need mailing address for your business in Florida. Like our Deluxe package, our Premium package includes a Florida business address with a unique suite number, access to our support staff, same-day scanning and a free 90-day trial of our user-friendly Florida Phone Service.

But our Premium Mail Forwarding package also includes 25 mail scans (on top of the 3 free scans you get if you also sign up for our registered agent service!). We’ll promptly scan every piece of mail you receive and upload a digital copy to your online account. We’ll even shred your junk mail too.

If you want to go further, and get unlimited scans, a virtual phone line and real office lease for your business, you might consider the Florida virtual office package described below.

Order Premium Mail Forwarding

Florida Business Address + Virtual Office ($19 / month)

Our Florida Virtual Office package has everything. You’ll get a unique suite number, unlimited mail scanning, junk mail shredding, a secure online account, same-day scanning, and our support staff to guide you. But you’ll also get a real office lease and Florida Phone Service with a local area code.

When you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your new Phone Service, choosing the area code that works best for your business, and setting up your voicemail and caller ID. With this new business line, you’ll be able to make and receive calls, send and receive texts, manage your contacts and check your messages from your personal phone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet—all without ever giving out your personal number.

This is a great option for people who want to keep their information secure, but it’s also useful for businesses that operate in multiple states and simply want an in-state number for their Florida business dealings.

What about the office lease? The lease is for tangible proof purposes, such as when your business needs to provide paper documentation that you’re operating within the state. It won’t lock you into a binding contract with us. That’s not what’s it for. It’s just one more way Sunshine Corporate Filings strives to make business as streamlined and as easy as possible for our clients.

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Why You Can Use Our Florida Business Address

Local Florida registered agent
Local employees like Jill are the reason we can provide stable and secure mail forwarding services.

Our clients can use our Florida business address because we own our own building in Florida that houses our Florida mail forwarding center.

This means you can use our Florida business address for the address of your Florida registered agent (when you hire us!), your principal office address or business address, and your mailing address if you take advantage of one of our mail forwarding packages.

Most Florida registered agent services—heck, even most national services—can’t provide all of these options because they either don’t own their own buildings in Florida or because they “white-label” and farm-out the actual registered agent job to someone else. Not us.

The Benefits of Using Our Florida Business Address

The benefits of using our Florida business address come down to privacy, stability, and legitimacy.

On the one hand, using our Florida business address helps keep your personal information off the public record, reduces your junk mail, and reduces the likelihood that salespeople (or angry customers) will come knocking at your door.

But businesses, especially newer businesses, often change locations, so using our Florida business address can be a way to provide your business with a stable address no matter how many times it moves. You also won’t have to worry about filing paperwork with the Florida Division of Corporations or the Florida Department of Revenue every time your business moves. As far as they’re concerned, you haven’t moved at all.

Lastly, there is the issue of your business’s image or reputation. If you’re working out of your home or don’t have a fixed location, that can make your business seem unstable and less trustworthy. When you use our Florida business address, you’ll get a stable commercial location that will send the right message to your bank, your customers, and your vendors.

But the benefits don’t stop there…

Even apart from the options and packages described above, we can still do more.

Maybe your business needs temporary secretarial services. Well, we have a fully-trained support staff that’s happy to help.

Maybe you don’t have a physical location of your own, but you want to hold an in-person meeting in a professional setting. Well, we have private and secure conference rooms at our offices that you can rent for that purpose.

Just ask. We’re happy to work with you to iron out the details.

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Florida Business Address FAQs

What is the difference between a Florida registered agent address and a Florida business address?

A registered agent address is the street address of your Florida registered agent (that’s us when you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings). This is the address where the Florida Division of Corporations sends official state mail, like annual report notifications, and it’s where your registered agent receives service of process and other legal notices for your business.

A business address is the street address of your principal place of business. For most businesses, the registered agent address and the business address aren’t the same, but they can be the same if you decide to use our Florida business address in place of your own.

What is a virtual business address in Florida?

The term “virtual business address” can mean a lot of things, and people don’t always use the word in the same way. It could refer to a digital mailbox (which is really just a digital mail forwarding option), or it could refer to a real Florida business address like the addresses we offer our clients.

We use the term “business address” instead of “virtual business address” because it makes more sense. When you use our Florida business address, there’s nothing “virtual” going on. It’s just the street address of our physical location in Florida.

Can I use a PO Box as my business address?

Technically, yes. The problem is that listing a PO box will affect your business image because clients may perceive a lack of stability and might not trust a business that does not list a physical address.

That’s why when you hire us, we include use of our the business address of our building’s physical location as part of our registered agent services. If you want to receive your business’s mail at a different address, including a PO box, Florida includes an optional “mailing address” category for that purpose. But listing a commercial business address as your principal address and on your business documents establishes a more professional ethos for your business.

Should I use my home address for my business?

We don’t recommend it. If you don’t have a fixed location, operate out of your home, or operate your business online, you might be tempted to use your home address on your formation documents and annual reports. But do you really want your home address showing up freely online—attached to your business and your name—where anyone can see it?

We suspect the answer is no, and that’s just one more reason why our clients can use our Florida business address instead. When you use our Florida business address, someone searching for your business at sunbiz.org will simply see our address, not yours.

How do I change my business address in Florida?

To change your business address in Florida, you’ll need to update your information with the various people, institutions, and agencies that rely on your business address to track your company.

You can change your business address with the Florida Division of Corporations at the Sunbiz website, but if you’re also changing your registered agent information, you’ll need to submit Articles of Amendment by mail and by a $25.00 filing fee. You can find the appropriate form at Sunbiz under Forms and Fees.

The Florida Department of Revenue also provides an online option for changing your business address, and you can find information about the IRS’s change of address form here.

But changing your business address also means updating licensing boards, your bank, your vendors, and your frequent customers. You’ll probably need to get new business cards, make changes to your website and online listings, and otherwise make sure the people who need to know about the change find out.

It’s a pain, naturally (like changing your home address but worse), which is why using our Florida business address is so convenient. If you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®, you can maintain a single, stable business address no matter how often your business changes course.