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Get convenient, low-cost domain name, website, email, SSL certificate, and virtual phone services through our Florida Business Presence package.

Start out for free when you order Registered Agent or Company Formation services. After 90 days, Florida Business Presence costs as little as $28.80/month, plus $25+ a year for domain renewal.

Essential Features

• Domain Name
• Website
• Email
• SSL Certificate
• Virtual Phone

Simple Setup

• Step-by-Step Instructions
• Pre-Built Website Template
• Get Help From REAL People on Our Web Services Team

Affordable Pricing

• Domain FREE for One Year
• Other Services FREE for 90 Days
• $25+ Domain Renewal
• $9/Month for Other Services, $28.80 Total with 20% Discount

About Florida Business Presence

It used to be that when you told someone you owned a business, they’d ask for your card. Now, they ask about your website. (Chances are, they’ll want to be able to order services from you online, too.)

And when you set up a business phone line, you’d have to pay for an additional landline or cell phone to field your calls. But now you can use virtual phone service to get a separate number that forwards directly to your existing phone.

That’s why we offer Florida Business Presence. This package gives you everything you need to get your company online and set up professional lines of communication with your clients.

With Business Presence, you can:

    • Ensure that your business is searchable online
    • Market to customers across the globe
    • Share your company’s story
    • Advertise and even sell your products and services
    • Keep your personal contact information private by limiting customer communications to specific channels (your business email and phone number)

What Does It Cost?

Launch your website and establish a professional online business presence for free by adding Florida Business Presence to Registered Agent or Company Formation Service. You won’t pay anything upfront—domain service is free for a full year and all other services are free for 90 days.

After 90 days, you can choose what you want to keep. Yearly domain renewal services vary by domain (averaging $25 per year), but all other Business Presence services are just $9/month each. Keep them all and get a 20% discount for bundling services.

Here’s the bottom line:


Free Trial Length

Price After Trial

Domain Name

One Year



90 Days

$9/month each

($36/month total)

SSL Certificate
Virtual Phone
20% Discount


Package Total


+ yearly domain renewal


Add Florida Business Presence to Your Service Now


Why Us? The Florida Business Presence Advantage

Why get web and phone services with us instead of one of our competitors? We can think of a few reasons:

1. All-in-one service – Manage and pay for registered agent, web, phone, and other filing services using a single account instead of juggling multiple accounts with multiple companies.

2. Risk-free trial – You can cancel your services anytime during the first 90 days, and you won’t be charged a dime.

3. Expert support from REAL people – Some other web services companies charge to talk to a real person. Not us. You can call our dedicated Business Presence customer service line for free any time you need us.

4. Privacy and security – Protecting your privacy is our priority. We’ll never sell your data to third parties. And when it comes to Business Presence services, you own your domain name and website data.

Get Your Business Online

Start a Florida LLC and add Florida Business Presence for no additional upfront cost.
FREE for 90 days!

Domain Name (Free for One Year)
SSL Certificate
Virtual Phone

Establish your business and your online presence quickly and conveniently—all with one company.


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What Do You Get?

Want all the details on Florida Business Presence features? You’ve got it.

Domain Name

A domain is also known as a web address or URL. It’s what you type in your search bar to go directly to a specific website. For example, our domain is www.floridaregisteredagent.com.

Why do you need your own domain?

Some of our competitors offer free websites, but they come with a long, complicated domain. What’s the problem with this?

Well, first of all, long, complicated domains make it harder for customers to find you—they’re difficult to remember and type in accurately.

Second, these free domains are often tied to the competitor’s site. For example, the domain might be something like “www.competitorname.freesite.com/yourbusinessname.” That doesn’t advertise your business very well or look very professional. In fact, your site may be a better advertisement for the company that provided you with the free site than it is for your own business.

When you get your own domain, you can make sure it’s straighfoward and fits with your business branding. For example, if your business name is “Bandanas by Billie, LLC,” you might purchase the domain “BandanasByBillie.com.” That way, customers can find you easily, and you can use your domain name to help advertise your business.

Why isn’t there a set price for domains?

You’ve probably noticed that web addresses have different endings: .com, .org, .net, and so on. These suffixes are called Top-Level Domains, or TLDs, and some cost more than others.

Domain prices are set by a global non-profit company called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. ICANN limits the amount of specialized TLDs (for example, .art or .shop), and these limited TLDs are often more expensive.

The average cost of yearly domain renewal is about $25, but can run you more or less.

Why hire us for your domain?

  1. Get a custom domain that suits your business
  2. Own your domain name
  3. Use your domain free for a year


If you want a website for your business but you’re not quite sure how to create one, our service is for you.

What website tools do we provide?

You can produce a sleek, professional-looking website with just a few clicks of the mouse using our pre-built website template. This template includes a Homepage, About Us page, and Contact Us page.

Our website builder allows you to personalize your site by adding custom images and text. It’s easy to use—you don’t need any coding or tech experience.

Can we help you build your website?

Yes. While some of our competitors charge for consultations with web experts, we have a dedicated team of customer service reps ready to walk you through the setup process and answer any other questions you have for free.

You can call as many times as you want, and we’ll always stay on the line until we resolve your problem.

Is it possible to transfer your site to another web host?

Yes. Unlike some of our competitors, who use software that can only be used on their hosting service, we use open-source software to build our templates. If you decide to do so, you can easily transfer your site to a different host. You won’t lose any part of your site.

Why hire us for your website?

  1. Easy setup and customization with pre-built site template
  2. Get assistance from a real person when you need it
  3. Own your website data
  4. Use your website free for 90 days

SSL Certificate

You may not know what an SSL Certificate is, but you’ve probably tried to access a website that didn’t have a certificate and received a message along the lines of “Your connection is not private” or “The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified.”

And you probably didn’t visit the website after getting that message. Don’t make that mistake with your site. Get an SSL Certificate and make sure your customers feel safe.

What does an SSL Certificate do?

An SSL Certificate creates a layer of security around your site. In fact, SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” SSL is actually an encryption protocol that protects data transmitted through your website, preventing hackers and other nefarious types from accessing it.

You can tell if a site has an SSL certificate by looking at its web address. URLs that contain “HTTPS” have certificates, while URLs with just “HTTP” do not.

Do you need an SSL Certificate?

Aside from losing potential customers to “not secure” messages, sites without SSL Certificates are flagged by search engines and are often excluded from search results. This makes your site harder to find.

Not having an SSL Certificate also puts your customers’ data at risk, especially if you’re transacting business through your site. Hackers may be able to steal your customers’ financial information, and you don’t want to be responsible for that.

Why hire us for your SSL certificate?

  1. Get your domain, website, and SSL certificate all in one place
  2. Use your SSL certificate free for 90 days


You may be tempted to use your personal email address for business communications, but that doesn’t always make a great impression on customers. It’s much more professional to have an email address that clearly belongs to your business.

Why is a professional email address important?

First of all, it makes you and your business look legitimate. If you’re sending out emails from “BillieWildChild72,” customers may not open your emails. Plus, if you’re using a generic domain like gmail or yahoo, your emails are more likely to get sent to the spam folder.

Second, you can ensure that the right emails go to the right people. For example, “[email protected]” can go to your fulfillment team, while “[email protected]” might go directly to you. Using multiple email addresses when you first start out can also make your company appear larger or more established than it actually is.

Why hire us for your business email?

  1. Create up to 10 email addresses at your domain
  2. Get your domain, website, and email all in one place
  3. Use your email free for 90 days

Virtual Phone

Getting a business line used to be expensive and cumbersome—you’d need to buy an additional line and phone. Now, however, it’s easy to get a separate phone number for your business using a virtual phone service.

Why is having a business phone number important?

You may also consider using your personal phone number for your business. But do you want customers calling and hearing your personal voicemail greeting? What if you answer the phone without realizing it’s a customer and make the wrong impression? Plus, you’d probably like to keep your personal phone number private.

With a business phone number, you can maintain your privacy, make your business look good, and build customer trust.

What is virtual phone service?

Virtual phone service uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. To access your service, all you need is an internet connection. Unlike a cell or landline number, a VoIP number isn’t restricted to a specific device, SIM card, or location. It’s cloud-based, so you can access your service anywhere you have internet using a mobile app or an internet browser.

What can you do with our virtual phone service?

Here are some great features of our phone service:

  • Get a number with a local Florida area code
  • Forward calls to your personal phone or device (US number required)
  • Have your company name show up when you call customers using personalized Outbound Caller ID
  • Set up a professional voicemail greeting
  • Make and receive unlimited calls and SMS text messages
  • Access voicemail and messages using our iOS or Android app, or on another device using an internet browser (download the app through the App Store or the Google Play store)

Why hire us for your business phone service?

  1. Get web & phone services in the same place
  2. Pay half the price of our competitors (they charge about $20, we charge $9—plus the 20% discount if you bundle all Business Presence services)
  3. No contract
  4. Use your virtual phone service free for 90 days