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Virtual Office Explained

This is where we work. So can you when you sign up for our services.

Since the advent of the internet, business owners have been developing new ways to connect with and plug into their team, as well as their clients. Out of these innovations came the concept of the virtual office.

A virtual office is a hybrid work space that provides the fundamentals of an office such as a shared physical space to meet or connect via Skype, as well as office credentials like a unique phone number and business address.


Space to Grow

When you sign up for virtual office service with Sunshine Corporate Filings, you give your business the space it needs to grow into a new state and at a new level. Your Florida Phone Service and Florida business address are available for your immediate use, and scheduling a meeting at the shared office space is simple and straightforward.

Virtual Office Package

We’re proud to say that our virtual office package is comprehensive and can out-compete anything similar in the industry. Here’s what is included:

Shared Office Space

Any time you need to hold a meeting in person or online, we offer a private and secure venue for you to do so. We make reserving the space easy and keep the location in top operational shape for your convenience.

Unlimited Opened & Scanned Mail

We’ve included unlimited mail forwarding in our virtual office package. This means that we receive mail on behalf of your company which we open, and then scan to your secure online account for you to view.

Florida Phone Service

When clients or potential business opportunities see the unique number we provide, it will have a Florida area code. This is an important touch for companies who are expanding their businesses into Florida. It enhances your business credibility and gives you an extra element of privacy. But your Florida Phone Service is more than just a local number—it’s a feature-packed virtual phone line you can use to connect with your clients on any device.

Legal Office Lease

The lease that we provide to our virtual office clients does not lock them into any binding contract. Instead, we include a legal office lease for tangible proof purposes, in case you need paper documentation that you are operating your business within the state.

Extraordinary Service, Exceptional Product

Here at Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC, we know that the value of our services comes from the success of our clients. Whether your business is just starting out, growing faster than you can keep up with, or planning for a strategical expansion, our virtual office package can help you get the traction you need to obtain the success you deserve.

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