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When you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings® to form your Florida LLC, it’s only $35 for our LLC formation service and $35 for one full year of our Florida registered agent service. Add in the $125 Florida state filing fee, and that’s $195 total—just about the lowest price you’ll find.

  • Free Florida business address included
  • Free mail forwarding available
  • Florida Phone Service (free for first 60 days)
  • Optional Free Credit Card Processing Consultation
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What Is a Florida LLC?

A Florida LLC is a business entity formed in Florida that has a legal existence separate from its owners. The limited liability company (LLC) is the most popular type of business entity for new businesses because it provides more asset protections than operating as a sole proprietor or partnership and yet more flexibility than a corporation.

While the Florida LLC shares characteristics in common with LLCs formed in other states—streamlined management, asset protection, and a simple tax structure—Florida’s lack of a state income tax makes the Florida LLC one of the least tax-burdened business entities available in the United States.

But the benefits of forming an LLC in Florida don’t stop there: 

Florida LLC Benefits

  • Cheap annual maintenance
  • No state income taxes
  • No capital gains taxes or death taxes
  • Low property taxes
  • Fewer formalities than a Florida corporation

When you choose Sunshine Corporate Filings® to start your LLC in Florida, you’ll get these benefits and more. Our LLC service includes the free use of our Florida business address on your public filings, one full year of our Florida registered agent service, the ongoing guidance of our Florida business experts, and a free 60-day trial of our feature-packed Florida Phone Service.

Our Florida LLC Package Includes:

  • Free Florida mail forwarding service
  • The use of our Florida address for your LLC
  • Full-service Florida LLC formation
  • 1 year of Florida’s best registered agent service
  • 60 free days of Florida Phone Service (a fully-equipped virtual phone line for your business)
  • Free customized Florida LLC operating agreement
  • A secure client account with every Florida business document you’ll ever need
  • Free same-day scanning of service of process and official state mail
  • Optional Florida annual report filing for $100 plus state fees
  • Optional Florida Phone Service for $10/month
  • Optional Free Credit Card Processing Consultation
  • And the ongoing guidance of our Florida business experts—available to assist you every day
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How To Start an LLC in Florida
Why Hire Sunshine Corporate Filings
Florida LLC Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start an LLC in Florida

You can form your Florida LLC yourself, or you can hire a professional incorporation service like Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® to do it for you. Either way, the Florida LLC formation process involves filing Articles of Organization with the Florida Division of Corporations and paying a $125 state filing fee.

Naturally, we think you should hire us. We’re cheap and efficient, and we can help you shield as much of your personal information from the public record as the state allows. But if you still want to form your Florida LLC yourself after discovering more about the services offered by Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®, we can help you there too. This page isn’t just a sales pitch—it’s a helping hand—and we’re happy to share our expertise here free of charge.

Here are the main steps to starting an LLC in Florida:

1. Name Your Florida LLC

You should select a name for your business before you file your formation documents with the Florida Division of Corporations. You cannot register your name if it is already in use by another company, and if you submit your filing with a name that does not adhere to Florida’s naming rules for LLCs, your filing will be rejected. You can do a business name search with the Florida Division of Corporations (at sunbiz.org) to make sure your company’s name is available.

2. Choose a Florida Registered Agent

Every LLC operating in Florida must appoint a Florida registered agent. If you live in Florida, you can be your own registered agent, or you can hire a Florida registered agent service like Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®. We charge only $35 a year for our Florida registered agent service.

3. Submit Your Florida Articles of Organization

File your Florida LLC’s Articles of Organization with the state and pay the $125 state filing fee. Your Florida LLC’s articles can be filed online at sunbiz.org, or you can print the state form from the Florida Division of Corporation’s website and mail it in.

Your Florida LLC Articles of Organization will include the following information:

  • The name of your Florida LLC, which must contain either “Limited Liability Company,” “L.L.C.,” or “LLC.”
  • The mailing and street address of your Florida LLC’s principal office.
  • The name and Florida street address of your LLC’s Florida registered agent (your Florida registered agent will also need to sign your Florida Articles of Organization).
  • The names and addresses of each person authorized to manage or control your Florida LLC (including member-managers and non-member managers).
  • Your Florida LLC’s effective date (if different from the filing date). The effective date can be up to 5 business days prior to or 90 days after the filing date.
  • The $125 filing fee for the Articles of Organization and Designation of Registered Agent.

4. Create a Florida LLC Operating Agreement

You don’t necessarily need to have an operating agreement in place for your Florida LLC, but it’s a good idea to have one. Your Florida LLC operating agreement is the guidebook for how you’ll run your company, as it lays out important company details, such as the names and addresses of your initial members and their initial Florida LLC capital contributions, and the internal rules necessary to run your company as efficiently as possible.

Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® includes a free customized Florida LLC operating agreement with all LLC orders.

5. Get an EIN from the IRS

“EIN” means “employer identification number,” and your LLC is going to need one if you intend to hire employees or take advantage of the tax elections, such as the S corporation, available to Florida LLCs. You’ll also need an EIN to open a bank account for your Florida LLC. You can easily get an EIN through the IRS website, or you can hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® to get one for you.

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Why Hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®?

There are dozens of Florida LLC formation services out there to choose from, so why choose Sunshine Corporate Filings® to form your Florida LLC? Because we’ve balanced all the perks of the best LLC formation services with a reasonable price, including:

A Local Touch

Unlike many of our competitors, we’re actually a Florida business, not some massive corporation handling your filings from Southern California (or wherever). Why does that matter? Because it means we’re Floridians who understand the ins and outs of the Florida business climate.

A Real Florida Address

Whether you’re just receiving service of process and official state mail, or if you’ve decided to sign up for one of our Florida mail forwarding service packages, the address you get is a real Florida business address, not a PO box or residential address.

Satisfaction & Compliance

When you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings® to form your Florida LLC, we’ll submit your Articles of Organization to the Florida Division of Corporations within 24 hours after you place your order, and we’ll handle every step of the limited liability company formation process to ensure your LLC is compliant with Florida state law.

Business Privacy

We’re Florida business privacy experts, and we’ve developed a way to form a private Florida LLC, which is difficult or impossible to accomplish in most states. The method we offer—called the Florida Double LLC™—keeps your private information, name, and address out of the public record.

In addition, our Florida Phone Service was designed to help you protect your personal phone number by giving you a fully-functional secondary phone line for your business (with a Florida area code) for just $9 a month. Try it free for 60 days when we start your Florida LLC or Florida Double LLC™.

How Our Florida LLC Formation Works

  • You order our Sunshine Florida LLC package
  • Within 24 hours, our expert filers prepare and submit your Florida Articles of Organization
  • Within 8 business days, we send you confirmation that your Florida LLC has been formed by the Florida Division of Corporations
  • We send your customized LLC documents to you
  • We provide Florida Registered Agent Service for 1 full year & send you a renewal for the next year
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Transparent Pricing: Here’s Where Your Money Goes

Many Florida LLC formation services hide what they charge instead of showing you exactly where your money goes. Not us. See the table below for a clear breakdown of every fee you’ll pay when you form your Florida LLC with Sunshine Corporate Filings®.

Services Fee
Florida State Filing Fee $125
Our Incorporation Service Fee $35
1 Year of FL Registered Agent Service $35
Total $195

Florida Limited Liability Company FAQs

How much does it cost to start an LLC in Florida?

The main cost of starting an LLC in Florida is the $125 state filing fee for your Florida LLC Articles of Organization, but you’ll also need a Florida registered agent. Our Florida registered agent service costs $35 a year.

When you file your Florida Articles of Organization, you also have the option to get a Certified Copy of your FL Articles of Organization for $30 and a Certificate of Status for $5.

How long does it take to start an LLC in Florida?

Florida typically processes online filings in around 8 business days, and paper filings can take a week or so longer.

When you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings® to form your Florida LLC, we’ll file your Articles of Organization online and get your Florida LLC formed within 8 business days.

What types of LLCs can I form in Florida?

You can form a Florida single-member LLC—owning and running the business yourself—or you can form a multi-member LLC. By default, the IRS treats the owners of single-member LLCs as sole proprietors and multi-member LLCs as partnerships for tax purposes, but your Florida LLC can also elect to be taxed as an S-corporation.

Do LLCs pay taxes in Florida?

Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, which means you won’t pay state income taxes on earnings from your Florida LLC. That doesn’t get rid of federal and local obligations, of course, but it does significantly reduce your Florida LLC Taxes, and it’s one of the main perks of starting an LLC in Florida.

Should I open a bank account for my Florida LLC?

You will need a business bank account to keep your Florida LLC’s finances separate from your personal finances. It’s a good idea to contact your bank to get clear about its requirements, but you can typically expect to bring the following items with you to the bank:

  • A copy of your Florida LLC Articles of Organization
  • Your Florida LLC Operating Agreement
  • An initial resolution authorizing you (or a representative) to open the account

Can I form a Florida LLC if I live outside Florida?

You bet! You are not required to live in Florida to form an LLC in Florida. The only in-state requirement is that you’ll need to appoint a Florida registered agent with a physical location in Florida.

Does an LLC need a business license in Florida?

Florida requires most businesses, including most Florida LLCs, to get a Business Tax Receipt before doing business in Florida. The tax is administered at the county level, and the cost varies a little from county to county. Check with your local tax collectors office to determine your fees and requirements.

What is the Florida annual report?

The Florida LLC annual report is an informational report you’ll file each year with the Florida Division of Corporations. Both domestic LLCs and foreign LLCs registered in Florida must file a Florida annual report each year by May 1st.

The annual report fee for a Florida LLC is $138.75. You can file the report yourself online at sunbiz.org, or you can hire Sunshine Corporate Filings® to file your Florida annual report for you.

If you fail to file your Florida LLC’s annual report, your company might be dissolved by the Florida Division of Corporations. If this happens, you will need to reinstate your Florida LLC if you want to keep doing business in Florida.

Can Sunshine Corporate Filings® file my Florida LLC annual report?

Absolutely! When you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings® to form your Florida LLC, we’ll also serve as your Florida registered agent—and that means the Florida Division of Corporations will send us your annual report notifications each year.

We carefully track these annual requirements and will automatically inform you of any upcoming deadlines, but we also provide our Florida annual report renewal service for $100 a year. Hiring Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® to file your Florida annual reports will help ensure your business never falls out of good standing with the state.

Can I get Florida mail forwarding service with my Florida LLC?

Yes! We know that receiving your mail at an in-state address is a major concern for LLCs operating inside and outside Florida, which is why we offer three Florida mail forwarding service options to suit your needs:

  • Our free limited mail forwarding option is already available when you hire us to form your Florida LLC, and it includes forwarding up to 5 pieces of non-state mail per year for free;
  • Our Deluxe Florida mail forwarding package includes 25 non-state mail scans for $125 a year; and
  • Our Premium Florida mail forwarding package includes unlimited mail scans for $225 a year.

Can you set up my Florida LLC to accept credit card payments?

You bet! Our free credit card processing consultation service is available to every new client who hires us to form an LLC in Florida. This is a free service in which you talk to a card payment industry specialist, explain how your business works and how you’d like to accept credit card payments, and have the option to sign up to take payments through a payment processor at rates we negotiate on your behalf.

Just select the “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” checkbox on your sign up form, and our team of card payment specialists will send you an email to schedule a call.