Florida LLC Taxes

Florida LLC Taxes

One of the great benefits of the Florida LLC is in the taxes it is required to pay, or rather the taxes it is not required to pay. When it comes to LLC taxes, there aren’t any states friendlier than Florida.

A Florida LLC is a pass-through entity, which means that the profits pass through the entity straight to its members. Members are then required to pay taxes on their personal income tax returns.

Some states have annual franchise taxes or special business entity taxes, and almost every state imposes corporate taxes on corporations. Florida has an entity level tax on FL corporations, but no special franchise or entity tax for LLCs.

Florida also has no state income tax. Which means that FL LLC profits are passed through to members, who are only required to pay taxes on their earnings for federal income tax purposes.

As your Florida registered agent, we receive tax notifications on your behalf and pass them along to you.

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