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What is Florida Mail Forwarding?

Florida mail forwarding is a secure, straightforward way to have your mail delivered to our Florida business address instead of yours.  

Basically, your business mail comes to us instead of directly to you, and we forward it digitally by uploading scanned copies to your client account. And since we own the building where we receive your mail and the servers through which we upload your documents, your privacy is safeguarded at every step.

Sunshine Corporate Filings Office Building on a Sunny Florida Day
Our office building in Florida, where our local employees scan and upload your mail to your client account.
Registered Agent Service & Mail Forwarding $35/year

Even though this is our least expensive package, it holds a lot of bang for its buck. This package is good for the business that just fledged. Add Deluxe or Premium Packages to get 10 more or 25 more scans a year!

Package Includes:

  • 3 Mail Scans Per Year
  • Secure Client Account
  • Highly Trained Support Staff
  • 90-Day Free Trial of Florida Phone Service
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Deluxe Mail Forwarding $49/year

This package is an ideal choice for a business that's growing. You may not need unlimited mail scans at this point, and we don’t want to charge you for something you’re not going to use fully.

Package Includes:

  • 10 Mail Scans Per Year
  • Secure Client Account
  • Highly Trained Support Staff
  • A Unique Mailing Address
  • 90-Day Free Trial of Florida Phone Service
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Premium Mail Forwarding $99/year

If your business is moving full steam ahead and you want to ramp up your mail coverage, our Premium Package is the right one for you.

Package Includes:

  • 25 Mail Scans Per Year
  • Secure Client Account
  • Highly Trained Support Staff
  • A Unique Mailing Address
  • 90-Day Free Trial of Florida Phone Service
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Looking to streamline your business operation? For only $19 / month, our Virtual Office package includes all the same benefits of our Mail Forwarding package, but you also get unlimited digital mail scanning, local phone service, an office lease, and the option to rent one of our conference rooms!

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Florida Mail Forwarding Benefits

One of our local agents, Patty, sorting through mail.

Our local staff receives your mail, scans it, and uploads it to your secure online account the same day we receive it.

Our mail forwarding packages offer business owners an affordable, discrete, and convenient way to have instant access to their business and state mail from anywhere.

Here are some more Florida Mail Forwarding perks:

  • Multiple Florida mail forwarding options available
  • Free mail forwarding with registered agent service (3 scans)
  • Deluxe mail forwarding for $49 per year (10 more scans)
  • Premium mail forwarding for $99 per year (25 more scans)
  • A secure client account with every package
  • 90 free days of Florida Phone Service with every package
  • Same-day scanning with every package
  • A Florida business address (unique suite number for Deluxe & Premium packages)
  • And a reliable, highly-trained support staff available to assist you every day

Our mail forwarding packages are simply one more way Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® can streamline your Florida business operations and keep your personal information private and secure.

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Getting Started with Florida Mail Forwarding
Florida Mail Forwarding Packages
Why Choose Our Florida Mail Forwarding Service?
Florida Mail Forwarding FAQs

Getting Started with Florida Mail Forwarding

1.  Evaluate Your Needs

Before you select one of our Florida mail forwarding packages, take a look at where your business is and ask yourself where you want your business to be in the near future. What level of growth do you anticipate? Do you intend to expand your operations? You’ll want to pick the package that best represents your company’s future.

2.  Select Your Package

We offer three types of packages (all described in detail in the section below). Our free option is automatically available with our Florida registered agent, Florida LLC, and Florida incorporation services, but it only provides limited mail coverage for your business. Our Deluxe and Premium options cost $49 and $99 per year, respectively, but they provide the most robust mail coverage you’ll find in any Florida mail forwarding service out there.

3.  Sign Up & Get Started

When you’re ready to proceed, sign up and pay for the package that’s right for you. At checkout, you’ll notice that our Florida Phone Service is pre-selected for you—this is because we include an optional 90-day free trial of virtual phone service with every mail forwarding package we offer! After placing your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains all of the information you’ll need to get started, including your unique Florida address (if you sign up for our Deluxe or Premium packages). Once you receive this email, you’re good to go.

4.  Reap the Benefits

Our service starts almost immediately. Once you’re signed up, you can rest assured that we’re taking care of any mail we receive on your behalf and that your client account is secured and protected. Our support staff is here to answer your questions, and we’re always evaluating our methods and training our team to better serve your mail forwarding needs.

Florida Mail Forwarding Packages

Different businesses can have very different mail coverage needs. Simply select the best Florida mail forwarding package for your business from the list below:

Florida Business Address + Free Mail Forwarding with Registered Agent Service ($35/ year)

This is our free mail forwarding option, and it’s automatically available with our Florida registered agent service. The package includes the use of our Florida business address as the address of your “principal office” and up to 3 mail scans of non-state mail per year. When mail comes to our location for your business, we’ll upload scanned copies to your client account.

Note that by “non-state mail” we mean any mail we receive that isn’t relevant to the registered agent services we provide for your business, so service of process and official state mail don’t count toward this 3 scan limit.

This is the ideal package for businesses that aren’t using our Florida business address as their primary mailing address. But if you want to receive the bulk of your business mail at our location, you’ll want to select one of the paid mail forwarding options described below.

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Florida Business Address + Deluxe Mail Forwarding ($49/ year)

This $49 a year Deluxe package includes up to 10 non-state mail scans per year and a unique suite number for your business. It’s typically the right choice for less-established businesses that aren’t yet receiving so much mail that they they need the increased mail scans provided by our Premium mail forwarding package (see the next section for more).

Our Deluxe option includes a unique Florida address, and you can use this address for all of your business’s most essential needs (such as on your website and stationary). This is possible because, as we mentioned above, we own the building that serves as the office suite for our mail forwarding clients and from which we operate our Florida mail forwarding center.

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Florida Business Address + Premium Mail Forwarding ($99/ year)

This $99 a year Premium package takes your mail coverage to the next level, and it’s ideally-suited for better-established businesses that will receive a lot of mail at our location. Our Premium package includes a unique Florida address, like the Deluxe package described above, but it extends to include 25 mail scans as well.

As with all of our mail forwarding packages, our Premium package also includes access to our support staff and same-day scanning of digital copies to your client account, but it also includes shredding your business’s junk mail alongside these other features.

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Why Choose Our Florida Mail Forwarding Service?

One key to success is being able to take important lessons from the past into the future and, at the same time, foster a vision of growth that allows your business to scale according to your developing needs. Mail forwarding is not always the first thing budding entrepreneurs consider when they start doing business, but adding a mail forwarding service to your business plan can be a game-changer in the end.

Our clients sign up for our Florida mail forwarding services for all sorts of reasons, but, based on their feedback and observations, the main reasons can be boiled down to the following:

You don't have a business mailing address

Maybe you operate a mobile online businesses and hardly work out of the same place on two consecutive days. Without using a mail forwarding service, your main options come down to using your home address (never a good idea!), the address of some willing person you know, or a PO box for your business’s mail. None of these options are ideal, especially in a state like Florida that will list your business’s mailing address on your public filings.

But, when you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings, you can use our Florida business address as your registered agent address, principal office address, and mailing address when you sign up for one of our Florida mail forwarding services. That way, you can keep your home address off of the public record and avoid using a less-than-prestigious-looking PO box to receive your business mail.

You don't like your business mailing address

A lot of newer businesses operate temporarily out of locations they don’t really want associated with their business for the long term (maybe it’s a crappy office suite in an even crappier building in the crappiest part of town—who knows).

Whatever the case may be, you can bypass this problem by using our Florida business address and signing up for one of our Florida mail forwarding service options. When you sign up for our Deluxe or Premium packages, you’ll get a unique suite number assigned to your business and the added benefit of a mailing address at our prestigious location.

You want a stable business mailing address

One of the chief benefits of using our Florida business address and mail forwarding services is that you’ll get a stable mailing address out of the bargain. You won’t have to change your mailing address every time your business moves, and you and won’t risk missing important mail in the process.

And, since at Sunshine Corporate Filings we own the building that houses our Florida mail forwarding center, you can be certain that we’ll be there to sort, scan, and forward your business mail for the long haul.

You don't want to disclose your business mailing address

This is a big one for a lot of Florida businesses. Because of Florida’s emphasis on easily accessible, open government records, any files you form with the Florida Department of State will end up available through a business entity search at Florida’s Sunbiz website—freely accessible to the public’s prying eyes. That’s less of a big deal for businesses with fixed commercial locations that want to be found, but if your only option is to list your home address on your public filings—well, you get the point.

This problem disappears entirely when you use our Florida business address and sign up for our mail forwarding services. In that case, anyone digging into your business’s information online will see our Florida mailing address when they look for yours.

You want to avoid excessive junk mail and solicitors

Everyone is a target for junk mail, but when you start a business it’s like the world paints a giant junk-mail target on your back (visible, as it were, from the surface of the moon). And salespeople who find your business’s address online will use that information to target you for in-person solicitations as well.

Once again, using our Florida business address and mail forwarding services dissolves the problem. Instead of clogging up your mailbox or PO box with a bunch of wasted paper your business didn’t ask for and doesn’t need, all that junk will arrive at our Florida mail forwarding center instead. And we’ll even shred your junk mail for you as part of our Premium Florida mail forwarding package.

What about salespeople? Hey, we’re in mail forwarding business, and we’re used to turning those folks away (respectfully, of course, but firmly), and we have a whole staff on hand to spread the burden around. We don’t mind the aggravation, so you can simply leave those endless headaches to us.

Florida Mail Forwarding FAQs

What is the difference between a Florida registered agent address and a Florida mailing address?

Your business’s registered agent address is simply the street address of your Florida registered agent. This is where your business’s registered agent receives service of process (legal notices) and other official state mail on your business’s behalf, and it must be a street address in Florida and not a PO box.

Your Florida mailing address, by contrast, is the address where you receive your business mail. The two addresses are usually different because most Florida registered agent services don’t provide the types of mail forwarding services we provide. But, when you sign up for our Deluxe or Premium mail forwarding services, you can receive your registered agent mail and your business mail at our Florida business address.

What if I need a virtual phone number for my business as well?

You’re in luck: our Florida mail forwarding packages all include a free 90-day trial of our Florida Phone Service. This is a state-of-the-art virtual phone line (with a Florida area code) that you can use to protect your privacy and give your customers a reliable way to reach you. When the trial period is up, your Florida Phone Service is just $9 a month to maintain—providing a better value than any traditional cell phone plan or landline. You can also get a secondary business line by signing up for our Florida Virtual Office package.

What is a Florida Virtual Office? Our Florida Virtual Office service includes a Florida mailing address, unlimited mail scans, Florida Phone Service and a real office lease.

Learn more at our Florida Virtual Office service page.

Is the free Florida mail forwarding option available with your other business services?

Yes. Our free mail forwarding option is part of any package that involves our Florida registered agent service, which means it’s available when you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings to start your Florida LLC or help your business incorporate in Florida.

What do you mean by a “unique suite number”?

This is simply a number that distinguishes your business from other businesses that receive their mail at our location. When it comes to mail delivery, it’s essentially the same as having a physical office location in an office building that serves multiple businesses at the same time.

Our Deluxe and Premium mail forwarding packages both include a unique suite number (and hence a unique Florida address) among their other features. You’ll also get a unique suite number for your business if you sign up for our Florida Virtual Office.

Can I use your Florida mail forwarding services if I don’t live in Florida?

Yes. The use of our mail forwarding services simply establishes a mailing address for your business in Florida, so it’s available regardless of where you are (and even if your business has a physical location in a different state).

But make sure you’re doing so for the right reasons. If you’re looking for a convenient, competitively-priced way to manage your mail through a Florida mailing address, you’ve come to the right place. But you can’t use our Florida mail forwarding address to establish Florida residency or to give the false impression that your business is operating somewhere other than where it’s actually operating.