Double LLC

Florida Double LLC Formation: $390 Total

Order a Double LLC

At Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC® , we are always looking for new ways to serve our clients. This is why we created The Florida Double LLC™. The Florida Double LLC™ is a totally anonymous Florida LLC package that protects your private information. We believe in the privacy of our client’s data, which is why we offer this unique formation package.

The Florida Double LLC™

$390 Total

Our anonymous Florida LLC package costs $390. Most of this is state fees for setting up two LLCs ($250) which will own each other.

Order a Double LLC
  • Two Totally Anonymous Florida LLCs
  • One Year of Florida Registered Agent Service for Both LLCs
  • Same-Day Anonymous LLC Processing
  • Instant Access to Secure Client Account
  • Year-Round Florida Compliance Monitoring
  • No Hidden Fees or Upsells
  • We Don’t Resell Your Data
  • Use of Our Commercial Address on All Florida Business Filings
  • We Sign As Your Organizer
  • Same-Day Document Uploads

Why Form an Anonymous Florida LLC

  • Keep Your Name and Address Out of the Public Record
  • Avoid Shady Telemarketers and Internet Data Thieves
  • Protect Yourself From Frivolous Lawsuits
  • Your Business Isn’t Anyone Else’s Business: Stay Private

If you are looking to remain anonymous in Florida, the first thing you need to know is this: a traditional LLC will not protect your identity. A traditional LLC will list your information on Articles of Organization and annual reports, all of which are part of the public record.

The only way to stay anonymous in Florida is by forming two LLCs that own each other.

What About Nevada or New Mexico or Wyoming? Aren’t They Anonymous?

There are other states where you can, in theory, remain anonymous. Nevada, however, is not one of them. A member must sign Nevada Annual Reports. Much higher formation and annual fees in Nevada also make the state a poor choice.

New Mexico and Wyoming collect no “beneficial ownership” information, either during formation or annual reporting. Unfortunately, the days of not collecting “beneficial owners” information is quickly ending. Public outcry over anonymous shell corporations is putting heavy pressure on states and federal governments to change current laws.

The Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act has been introduced multiple times in the US Congress, and numerous presidential budgets have included the closing of reporting loopholes.

The truth is this: the anonymity offered in New Mexico and Wyoming will soon come to an end. If you want true privacy, you will need to take advantage of a legal, legitimate process, which is exactly what we endorse.

The Florida Double LLC™ is the best solution for real business privacy.

How to Form an Anonymous Florida LLC

If you want to form a private Florida LLC and keep your private information out of the public record, you will need to form two Florida LLCs. One LLC will provide no privacy in Florida. You have to have two companies.

Here’s how we provide anonymous Florida LLC protection:

Step One: Formation

We form two Florida LLCs. For both companies, we sign our name as your organizer, and we use our Florida business address as the address of your principal office. This way, your name and address are not on the formation documents for either company.

This removes the first piece of information in your anonymous Florida LLC.

Be aware: before proceeding with forming anonymous Florida LLCs, we recommend you speak with a bank you plan on doing business with. While there are many benefits to forming an anonymous LLC, you could run into much difficulty trying to open a bank account because the banks cannot easily see who is authorized to act on behalf of the business.

Step Two: Annual Reporting

A year later, it is time to file the annual reports for your two companies. On these reports, you must list a member (owner). A member can be an individual, or, in this case, another LLC. For LLC A, you will list the member as LLC B. On the annual report of LLC B, you list the member as LLC A.

In other words, your two companies own each other.

This is perfectly legal, and it removes the second way in which your information ends up in the public record.

Step Three: Continued Maintenance

We supply you with continuous Florida registered agent service and maintain your anonymous Florida LLC (or, in this case, both of them). Careful maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your privacy is never violated throughout the life of your business.

How a Florida Public Records Search Works

The Florida Public Records Act states that all:

“State, county and municipal records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person.”

If someone wants to know who owns a Florida company or the addresses of a company manager, a simple public records search with the Department of State will reveal this information. This can be done in person or online. Any information listed on a state filing is available for inspection.

Your name and address will be listed on your formation documents, and member information is listed each year on your annual report. If you form your LLC yourself and serve as your own registered agent, there is no way around listing this information and having it end up in the public record.

In order to remain private, you will need to take a different route.