About Sunshine Corporate Filings

We own a building in St. Petersburg, employ local specialists,
and provide clients with affordable professional business services.

Sunshine Corporate Filings Office Building

We purchased our own office building right here in St. Petersburg, a short walk away from Riviera Bay. So we’ve become pretty familiar with all of Florida’s little quirks.


Sure, we serve as Florida registered agents for thousands of businesses across the state. Yes, we form LLCs and corporations daily.


But what matters here is that we at Sunshine Corporate Filings are a little unique, too.


Allow us to explain.

We’re Florida Experts

Starting a business in Florida comes with a ton of perks and a handful of pecularities. That’s why we choose to make Florida our permanent home and employ local specialists. To us, it’s a simple formula for success: if you’re going to start a business in Florida, you should hire folks who live in Florida. Folks who won’t waste your time as they try to figure out the state’s specific rules and requirements for business formation.

Local staff member working in conference room

That’s us. We made our home in Florida because it’s a great place to do business. What keeps us in Florida is the fact that we can continue to dedicate special attention to our clients and their businesses.

Paving a Path to Privacy

There are plenty of great reasons to form a business in Florida. But we know that business privacy isn’t usually one of them. So we put together the Florida Double LLC™ to ensure our clients can remain as anonymous as possible while enjoying the benefits of doing business in Florida.

On top of that, we don’t use 3rd party vendor addresses—that opens the door to exposing your personal data. No, everything goes through the building we own, handled by our local agents and uploaded to your secure online account.

Offering More Business Tools

Other companies do the bare minimum of letting you know that you’ve got mail. Owning our own building puts us in a position to offer more value to your business.

Need your mail forwarded? We can do that. How about a Virtual Office, Florida phone number, and unique suite number for your business? No problem. Office space? Business website and email? We’ve got you covered.

We’re not just locals who know a thing or two about Florida—our roots here mean that you, too, have roots here.

Local Specialists Who Care

It feels good when someone says, “You have been so helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to help me!” It absolutely makes my day!

I like helping people turn their ideas into a business that supports them. I love making the task of maintaining a business effortless.

I love being able to ease our clients’ stress.
Starting a company can be overwhelming!

One of our Florida registered agents working in the office.

FL Registered Agent working in office at her desk.