Florida Corporation Annual Report

After you incorporate in Florida, you will be required to file a Florida Corporation Annual Report every year. You can file a Corporation Annual Report online with the Department of State. The annual filing fee is $150. The reporting deadline is May 1.

Change Info on Corporation Annual Report

After you incorporate in Florida, the Corporation Annual Report is an opportunity for the Department of State to update its official records of your company. This is why you must file each year. It is in the best interest of your corporation and the Department of State to keep updated, accurate records.

A reminder notice for your report will come to your registered agent in Florida.

You can alter the following information on the report (if any of these change during the year, you are required to file the change either during the year or on your Annual Report):

  • Registered agent information
  • Principal business office address
  • Names or addresses of directors or officers
  • Employer Identification Number

Note that all of our clients have the option to use our Florida business address as their principal office address and business mailing address.

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File FL Corporation Annual Report Online

To file your Florida Corporation Annual Report online, you will need the following: the Department of State Document Number (found on your annual report reminder); your Employer Identification Number issued by the IRS; and a credit or debit card for online payment.

If you have forgotten your Document Number or have misplaced your annual report reminder, you can locate your DN by looking up your corporation’s records with the Department of State.

Florida requires a $150 annual report fee for all FL corporations.

What If I Don’t File an Annual Report?

Failure to file is a major problem. Missing the May 1 deadline will result in a $400 penalty. The Department of State will not waive the $400 penalty for any reason. The latest date by which you can file a Corporation Annual Report is the third Friday of September. If you miss this final deadline, the Department of State will administratively dissolve your company.

Administrative dissolution removes the legal standing of your corporation in Florida courts and revokes your right to conduct business in the State. In order to return to good standing, you must pay all fees and penalties and file for Florida corporation reinstatement.