Dissolve a Florida Corporation

How to Dissolve a Florida Corporation:

To dissolve a corporation in Florida you file Articles of Dissolution with the Florida Division of Corporations, Amendment Section. The DOC charges a $35 filing fee. For an additional $8.75, the DOC will provide a Certificate of Status (certified copies of the filing also cost $8.75).

You can file your Florida corporation dissolution online. Credit cards, debit cards, and payments from pre-established Sunbiz E-File Accounts are all accepted. If mailing the Articles, send a check made payable to the Florida Department of State.

The document comes with a Cover Letter, which needs to be filled out, and a Notice of Corporate Dissolution, which is optional. If including the Notice, there is not additional charge.

The DOC will send a letter of acknowledgment confirming your Florida corporation dissolution.

What Does Dissolution Cost in Florida?

The Division of Corporations charges $35 to dissolve a corporation in Florida. Certified copies of the filing cost $8.75 each. A Certificate of Status showing the Florida corporation dissolution costs $8.75.

What Are Corporate Wind-Up Measures?

When you dissolve a corporation, the final official business matters that must be done are called wind-up measures. These are generally the final obligations a corporation must complete, including:

  • Disposing of corporate property
  • Paying corporate debts, obligations and creditors
  • Paying shareholders

If I Dissolve a FL Corporation, Is My Info Still Public?

Yes. The documents you have filed with the state are not removed after a Florida corporation dissolution. Whatever information that is on those documents will still be available to the public.

The truth is that you cannot remain private after you incorporate in Florida. A corporation cannot remain private, no matter what you do.

If business privacy in Florida is your goal, you should consider The Florida Double LLC, which is a fully anonymous LLC. As your registered agent in Florida, we can help you establish a fully-private business entity, but only as an LLC.

Mail Dissolution Paperwork To:

Amendment Section
Florida DOC
PO Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

Or Hand Deliver To:
Clifton Building
2661 Executive Center Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32301