Reinstate a Florida Corporation

Reinstate a Florida Corporation

If your corporation has been administratively dissolved by the Division of Corporations, it is still possible to revive the corporation and regain good standing with the State. Until you have done so, your business does not have the legal authority to conduct business in Florida or maintain standing in any court in the State.

To reinstate a Florida corporation, you must file a Corporation Reinstatement with the Division of Corporations. There is a $600 reinstatement fee, as well as a $150 for every missed Corporation Annual Report. You are required to file an Annual Report and pay the $150 fee, even if your company has only been dissolved for a few months. Thus, the absolute minimum fee for reinstatement is $750.

A Corporation Reinstatement can be filed by mail, fax or online.

Please note that if your FL corporation was voluntarily dissolved by its shareholders, you do not file for reinstatement. That is a different process, called Revocation of Dissolution.

The Corporation Reinstatement Form

  1. Corporation Name
    You must enter the name of your Florida corporation and your Document Number (as issued by the Secretary of State) as it appears on your registration with the Divison of Corporations. You cannot change your corporation name as part of the reinstatment (although you can file an amendment later and change it).
  2. Principal Address
    You must list the principal street address of your business as it is listed with the State. A postal box is not acceptable.When you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings® to be your Florida registered agent, you can use our Florida business address as the address of your principal office.
  3. Mailing Address
    If different from your principal address.We also offer our clients the option to use our Florida address for their business mail. (See our Florida mail forwarding service guide for more information.)
  4. Date of Incorporation
    List your original date of incorporation (or registration, if a foreign corporation).
  5. FEIN
    List your Federal Employer Identification Number as issued by the Internal Revenue Service.
  6. Certificate of Status
    If you are requesting a Certificate of Status, mark the box and include $8.75 for the certificate.
  7. Florida Registered Agent
    You must list your Florida registered agent and their street address within the State (a post office box will be rejected).
  8. Registered Agent Signature
    Your registered agent is required to sign the document. If you are submitting the form digitally, typing the name of your agent is considered to be a valid signature.
  9. Officers and Directors
    You are required to designate the current officers and/or directors of your corporation. Indicate their position within the company (director, chairman, manager, etc.). You are required to list at least three directors or trustees, as well as their street addresses.
  10. Email Address
    Future Annual Report notifications will go to this email address.

Reinstate Your Florida Corporation FAQs

How Do I Pay If I Submit Online?

You can pay for your reinstatement with a valid credit/debit card, check, money order, or through your Sunbiz E-File Account.

Will My Corporation Name Still Be Available?
If you are filing for reinstatement less than one year after your administrative dissolution, then your name will be available. If it has been longer than one year, your corporation’s name has been released for use and may have been registered to another company. If this is the case, you will need to file an amendment to change your corporation’s name.