Florida LLC Resolution

What is an LLC Resolution?

A resolution is a simple document that addresses the internal organization of your Florida LLC. It is a written document ratified and signed by your LLC members or your LLC management. In general, a resolution authorizes some action to be taken on behalf of your company.

Many of the major organization issues of your company are laid out in your Florida LLC Operating Agreement, but as time passes and new decisions must be made, resolutions are the documents that direct and resolve issues.

Purpose of a Resolution

An LLC resolution is written and agreed upon in order to authorize some action to be taken on behalf of your company. The resolution is signed (and thus ratified) by your members or your Florida LLC management.

For example, resolutions might be written to authorize certain individuals to open bank accounts on behalf of the company. Other resolutions might be written to authorize the purchase of a particular piece of property. Another resolution might be made to authorize hiring a registered agent service in Florida.

A resolution ensures that the members/managers of the Florida LLC have met, understood and approved the action to be taken.

Majority Votes

In your Operating Agreement, you will want to lay out how a Florida LLC resolution shall be voted upon, especially if you have an even number of LLC members/managers. In that case, you will need to determine how a majority of votes will be reached, or how a tie-breaking vote can be cast.

Florida LLC Resolution FAQs

Where Do I Get a Resolution Document?

Anyone can write a Florida LLC resolution. It does not have to be a special document. You need only to write what the nature of the resolution, any information pertaining to the resolution, and then the dated signatures of the signing members/managers.

Do I File Resolutions?

No. Resolutions are internal documents. You do not need to file them with any agency.

Can Resolutions Be Reversed?

Yes. You can always make a new resolution that reverses or overrules the prior resolution.