Protect Business Privacy

With a Florida Registered Agent

As your Florida registered agent, we can use our name and address in place of yours on business documents you are required to file with the Department of State. This keeps your personal information out of the public record.

The only way to form a completely anonymous Florida LLC is to follow our Florida Double LLC™ strategy, which requires a Florida registered agent. If you form a traditional LLC on your own, your private information will be a part of the public record. Read more to find out how your private information ends up in the public record in Florida.

How We Use Our Name in Place of Yours

To protect your identity in Florida, we can use our name in place of yours on certain business documents. On your Articles of Organization, a member or authorized representative is required to sign.

When we file your Articles for you, we can sign as an authorized representative, keeping your name out of the public record and maintaining your business privacy in FL.

Do I Have to Sign My Name on My Annual Report?

Yes, a member must sign your annual report every year. We cannot sign as a member on your annual report, which is why we have created the Florida Double LLC™. With our unique strategy, your name will not be on your annual report either.

Our Registered Office Address, Not Yours

To protect your identity, we can use our registered office address on your Articles of Organization instead of your own. The document requires a Principal Office Address, which would normally be the main office of your business or your personal home address. We will substitute our own registered office address instead, and your address will not be listed.

Why You Need a Stable Florida Registered Agent

What can happen if you hire the wrong registered agent?

  • Your agent changes their registered office address
  • Your agent resigns
  • You decide to change registered agents

In the event of any of these scenarios, you will have to file paperwork with the Department of State…and a member signature is required.

This is perhaps the most frustrating scenario. You can remain private in Florida only through careful planning, and hiring the right Florida registered agent. The wrong registered agent can be the downfall of all your careful planning.

Selecting a reliable Florida registered agent is crucial to maintaining your privacy. Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC is a long-standing company with a secure, stable history. We are not going anywhere. We run a mid-sized office in a good location, and our track record with clients is strong.