Florida Articles of Organization

What are Florida LLC Articles of Organization?

When you form a Florida LLC, you file Articles of Organization with the FL Department of State. Articles of Organization are a formation document. It lists basic information about your limited liability company. When it is accepted and processed your Florida LLC is officially created.

When you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings® to start your Florida LLC, we will complete and submit your Articles of Organization ourselves and sign as your organizer. Our LLC service includes the option to use our Florida business address on your Articles of Organization as your registered agent address, principal office address, and business mailing address.

How to Fill Out the Articles of Organization

Article 1: Name

You must list the full name of your Florida LLC. The name must end with the words: Limited Liability Company, LLC or L.L.C.

Article 2: Principal Office

You must list the street address of your company’s principal office and mailing address (if different). Your principal business office is the central location of your company, the office where you keep your official company documents and financial records.

When you hire Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC®, you can use our Florida business address for both your principal office address and your business mailing address.

Article 3: Registered Agent

Every business entity in the State is required to appoint a Florida registered agent. You must list your registered agent’s name and their physical street address. You cannot list a PO box, or your filing will be rejected.

Article 4: Managers and Members

This article includes the names and addresses of each person authorized to make management decisions for your LLC. Your members have offered Florida LLC capital contributions in exchange for ownership percentages, but this does not necessarily mean that they have managerial rights.

Your Florida LLC management consists of those individuals or entities that have been designated as managers of your company. An authorized member/manager would have the power, for example, to vote to ratify a Florida LLC resolution to open bank accounts for your company.

Article 5: Effective Date

The effective date is the day upon which your LLC will officially exist. This is usually the same day that your filing is accepted by the Department of State, but you are allowed to select a different day. You can choose a day five business days prior to the day the DOS receives your filing, or up to 90 days after your filing is received.

Florida Articles of Organization FAQs

How Can I File Articles of Organization in Florida?

Your Florida Articles of Organization can be filed online, in person, by mail or fax. Online filings are processed the most quickly. Faxed filings require a Sunbiz E-File Account, set up in advance.

What Are My Filing Fees?

The filing fee for Articles of Organization is $125. This includes both the processing fee and the fee to designate a Florida registered agent.

Can Articles of Organization Be Amended?

Yes. You can file Articles of Amendment at any time during the life of your LLC. Articles of Amendment allow you to make changes to the information on your Articles of Organization, such as the name of your company, a new mailing address, or a change of your registered agent.

There is a $25 filing fee to file a Florida LLC Amendment.